Let's face it, partisan politics aren't getting the job done. Energy prices are soaring, schools are failing, crime is on the rise, and there are more homeless people on the streets with more coming every day.

To make matters worse, instead of implementing the solutions that America is capable of more voices are raised to blame the opposition party than to call for the common sense solutions you know we need.

That ends today. With your voice and with the voices of other hardworking Nevadans, we will set a new bar. We will bring responsible and sensible discussion back to life.

No more blame game. No more red versus blue. It's time to fight and win for the red, white, AND blue. 

A Voice for All Nevadans

CD 1 has long lacked in voter engagement, Ron and his team believe that UNITY is the only way to bring our voice to Washington D.C.

Policy Over Politics 

Running as a non-partisan independent candidate is the only way to bring the voices of every-day Nevadans back into the discussion.

Innovative Leadership

A leader in business and in his community, Ron is setting aside party politics and political infighting to focus on solutions for every Nevadan.

Unity Begins with You

Ron and his team work for the people of Nevada, but we can't do it without you. Join us today.


Today is a new day for non-partisan voters and party voters alike. Ron Q is an independent voice for all of Nevada. Share the campaign with your friends and let them know that we're putting policy over politics.

Ron will work with anyone and everyone who fights for hardworking Nevadans regardless of party or politics.

From the first day of this campaign until he finishes his term in Washington, Ron will fight for the things that matter most to the people of Nevada.

  • A Strong Economy
  • Keeping Money in Nevada to Fund Education
  • Ending Policies that Put Criminals Back on the Street
  • Exposing and Ending the College Debt Scheme
  • Securing Our Border and Reforming Legal Immigration
  • Lower Energy Prices
  • Keeping our Veterans Healthy and Independent
  • Helping Nevadans Keep More of the Money They Earn
  • Comprehensive Mental Health Services Across Nevada
  • Keeping Government Out of Our Everyday Lives
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"It's time to move beyond the divisive partisanship that has infiltrated our political system. This divisiveness hinders progress and stifles meaningful dialogue. My candidacy represents a commitment to unity, integrity, and effective governance."

Ron Quince, Independent for Congress


We're not waiting until November. Campaigning by example means rolling up our sleeves and working on the issues that matter the most - TODAY! Come join our team and get to work on the projects, policies, and programs that will help Nevadans now.


The face of education is changing across Nevada and we're going to be a part of it. We're going to host roundtables with experts and meet-ups with parents, students and educators.

Mental Health

Priority number one is a full-service mental health facility in Nevada. Our solutions for homelessness and the long term health of our state depend on us having modern, affordable, accessible mental health services.

Crime and Policing

It's time to put our focus on the policies that create recidivism. Repeat offenders and those not properly punished make up most of the rise in crime in Nevada. We'll talk to experts and get to work.


We are a nation of legal immigrants, but our system is being used as a political football. We need sensible immigration policies that bring the best to America while keeping out those who seek to harm us or drain our resources.

Energy & Economy

Why are electricity, natural gas, and gasoline prices skyrocketing? Who in our government is responsible to monitor rates and to protect our families and businesses. We'll find out.


Nobody is more deserving of our sacrifice than those who have already sacrificed for us. Our coalition will seek to help veterans find what they need in a manner that dignifies and respects their service to our nation.

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Sign Up and Make History

We're going to elect a non-partisan candidate to the United States House of Representatives. Join us for this historic effort.